Vaadin 7 browser download bar breaks css

24 Jan 2011 I've started to collect a sort of todo-list for Vaadin 7 improvements browsers are getting better, rely more on the browser to do its thing. And yes, CSS layout is able to help often to solve tricky tasks and also You touch one thing and all hell breaks loose. Finally some small progress on this topic. getClassList() : Gets the set of CSS class names used for the element. setAttribute("class", "foo bar"); : This clears any previously set classList property. 17 Apr 2018 I'm using the Vaadin `FileDownloader`. When clicking on the corresponding button for the first time, Firefox caches the downloaded file. To inform the user that loading is in progress and that the UI is currently unresponsive, Progressive Web Apps Swing to Vaadin migration Migrating from 7 to 14 In addition to the css, the default theme should be explicitly disabled via Java, For the first time you enter a page in a browser (after page is reloaded) and you  Supported browsers and development environments. Support It's now drastically simpler to include CSS files into your project. Demonstration of Menu Bar 

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